Jul 102010

I’ve been kind of obsessed with this song for the last couple weeks, and it pretty well describes this week at work. Though, I do have to say, going to Indiana was fun. Just the whole crazy work schedule hours thing, yuck.

It’s “Misery” by Maroon 5. I am SO glad that they are back and producing new stuff.

Jul 052010

So I’ve finished the bulk of the blog upgrade… just loaded up all the old content. I’m still dinking around with the background, as well as how I want to display the categories. But everything is still there.

I hope everyone enjoyed their fourth of July weekend…

Jul 032010

So, earlier this week, I changed the host that I was using for my web site. While I haven’t quite restored all the old content yet… I assure you it is on its way 🙂 Meanwhile… I’m experimenting with the new WordPress 3.0, and that is terribly exciting!!!

Jun 122010

This week’s song of the week is one of those fun bar songs! It’s hilarious, and I can’t help but smile every time I hear it! It’s called “You Look Better When I’m Drunk” By the White Tie Affair.

Jun 092010

Lady Gaga has done it again, completely rocked a terrific song by reworking it, and creating a theatrical production. This time, it draws heavily from Madonna, and you can see flavors of it all the way through. I think it’s full of irony that she uses WW2-esque German uniforms for her dancers, considering some of the themes present in the video. My one criticism of Lady GaGa videos though is pretty standard: Girl, put some damn clothes on, it won’t hurt you. She loves making sure her crotch is prominently displayed in many scenes. Seriously, the rumors that you had a, well, not so girlie part down there, were debunked a long time ago. Stop trying to prove the point!!!

I did enjoy the artistic flare as usual… and the production quality was excellent! Check it out 🙂

One last thing… pay close attention to the two symbols being carried by the dancers in the marching scene. Let me know what you think they represent… I have some ideas but I’d love to hear yours.

Jun 052010

So, I’ve added a new feature to the web site, to allow everyone to interact a little easier on it. You will now be able to log in via a variety of different usernames/passwords. Google and Facebook are probably the two most prominent, however, there are several others to chose from as well. Hopefully it’s a positive change and allows people to comment easier.

– Joel

Jun 052010

Because I am in just a weird mood, here is a weird song of the week! It’s “Stjerner” by Karpe Diem. It’s Norwegian, if you’re wondering. How did I figure this out? I looked up the lyrics, and Google Chrome let me know what language it was in 🙂 I love Google!

May 292010

So I found this on one of the dev’s twitter accounts… and I laughed so hard. I want one!!! This really only will amuse you eve geeks out there 🙂

May 282010

I’ve totally got the magic in me! 🙂

Take a listen to this… B.O.B. may be one of the most interesting new rappers out there. In this case, he got Weezer involved, which is just a recipe for… well… no pun intended… magic! It’s called “Magic” by B.O.B.