Sep 042010

This week’s song of the week is a bit strange… at least, strange for Good Charlotte. Because, well, that’s who sings it. It’s called “Like it’s her birthday” and well, it’s quite something! Take a listen.

Aug 212010

So, still in a party music mood! This week is Ke$ha, who, as most of you know, totally has the slut image. But, her music is undeniably catch, and I find myself randomly singing this song!

Aug 072010

This week it’s another fun dancing song! I’m in a celebratory mood right now, and it will probably continue!! It’s Adam Lambert’s “If I Had You”

Jul 312010

This song is part of my farewell Peoria party weekend! It’s freaking incredible, fun, and a complete blast. It’s Enrique Iglesias featuring Pitbull with “I like it”

Jul 242010

This week’s song is a bit unusual for me. In the past I’ve not particularly fancied Eminem’s music. I generally find him crude and immature. However, in his latest album “Recovery” he’s shown a bit of personal growth. Still a touch of immaturity at times in his lyrics, but overall, it’s obvious he’s grown quite a bit. With that, this song it focused on abusive relationships. It very appropriately features Rihanna, who has a history of abuse herself. The song’s theme is how abusive husbands/boyfriends never change, and how often abuse victims end up enjoying the pain in a kind of twisted manner. “Love the Way you Lie” is a powerful song about abuse, and hopefully it will raise the profile of the abused around the nation with its popularity.

Jul 182010

Ok, So, most of you guys know I’ve been working on a major overhaul of the blog over the past month or so. You also know that I’ve worked to make it easy to create an account on here via facebook/gmail/etc.

Well, I’m about to take it a step further. I will be adding some restricted content in the near future, as well as taking some posts and restricting them. This will include personal contact information and the like. I want to make sure that my friends can get ahold of me when necessary, and since I’ve taken all that information off facebook… I need to give people another way to do it.

So, in order to get access to the restricted content, for right now, you will need to have logged in via facebook/google at least once, and then send me a message via the contact form. Eventually I’ll have some sort of a “friend” button or something like that. But in the meantime just message me.

Jul 182010

This week was one of the hottest weeks I think we’ve had in a little while. So, to honor it… I’ve chosen a mashup of some of the hottest songs of the summer. DJ Earworm does it again with “Like, OMG Baby Summer 2010”.