May 292010

So I found this on one of the dev’s twitter accounts… and I laughed so hard. I want one!!! This really only will amuse you eve geeks out there 🙂

Jan 212010

Fleet fighting in eve is an amazing thing to watch… this is a trailer for Eve Online. Obviously it’s doctored a little, but stuff like this actually does happen…

Oct 222009

Tuesday I got the mining ship of my dreams: The Hulk. This beauty is able to use three strip miners and basically devour asteroid belts as they stand. You remember the old game Asteroids, well, the hulk would have mined them all, refined them, and sold them for isk. Check out the picture I took.

The G.S.S. Caterpillar - Hulk Class

The G.S.S. Caterpillar - Hulk Class

I named it the G.S.S.  Caterpillar. It is long, slow, and eats everything in sight. So, I’ve been mining ever since, and it really does a number on everything!

So whats next? Funny you should ask… its the Orca. This is going to revolutionize the mining operation I am taking part of right now. The Orca is a mining command vessel that has a HUGE amount of cargo space, the ability to store a couple of extra ships, and has a huge number of role bonuses. Should only be a couple more weeks and I’ll have it!

Aug 012009

Ok, so I found this video today online about Eve Online… it totally rocks! The more I play this game, the more I fall in love with it. Check it out… and if you’re interested in playing, let me know, and I’ll give you a guest account!

Jul 042009

My Character 'Thalimet' in Eve Online.

My Character 'Thalimet' in Eve Online.

So, I’ve been playing for like a week now, and I LOVE it! They have the most in-depth manufacturing system that I’ve seen in a game… in addition to having the materials, you actually have to have blueprints and schedule time on a line to get stuff built! So, if you haven’t been able to tell, I’m going down the manufacturing route. I’d like to manufacture heavy equipment, ships, modules, etc.

I’m thinking of naming the company I am going to create “Butterfly”. You know… a futuristic version of Caterpillar… haha.

Anyways, very satisfied with the game so far, I’ll have to keep you guys up to date on it!

My Iteron... I use it to mine! Has a huge cargo hold!

My Iteron... I use it to mine! Has a huge cargo hold!

Jun 252009

So, I bought Eve Online today. Its almost done downloading the first patch. I’m kind of excited. My friend Brian recommended it to me, he is apparently loving it! Some of my favorite games are space rts games, and this seems like an mmorg extension of that. So, I will keep everyone updated on it, hopefully with some sweet screenshots on here.

You can learn more about Eve online at