Sep 302009


So,  I started watching the first season of Entourage the other day. I had watched a couple of episodes in college and liked it well enough… but let me tell you, before I knew it I was done with the season. Wow. What a great show!

It has style, attitude, and great writers. Granted, they are basically writing about their friends, but so what?

I believe I will try to get all caught up, and check out the new season!

The Cast of Entourage

The Cast of Entourage

Jun 212009

So, the yesterday I was perusing when I realized that there was a section entitled “Labs”. Being the curious bloke that I am, I clicked on the tab, and was taken to a page with a lot of different experimental options on it. One of which was Hulu Desktop.

Hulu Desktop TV, get it.

Hulu Desktop TV, get it.

The idea of Hulu outside of a web browser amused me, so I decided to download and install the thing. I was promptly sucked into a world of television on my computer which I was unaware could exist.

I quickly found some tv show to try it out on, and stumbled upon Arrested Development. Can we say.. amazing. How on earth did this show only last three seasons?  I’m totally addicted to the Bluth family.

Basically, the Bluths were a rich and powerful family who are suddenly investigated by the SEC for fraud. Their world comes tumblinb down and they are forced to try and live lives of little money. Its hilarious! It seems to be Michael Cera’s break-out role.

Anyways, download Hulu Desktop, and get started watching the 52 episodes that are on there. Its -amazing-.

Jun 062009

There is yet another show coming out that looks incredibly awesome! It looks like my Thursdays are going to become TV Thursdays! This one is about a doctor who ends up getting fired and turning into a concierge doctor for the rich and unknown! Check out the pilot episode…

May 302009

I saw the pilot episode for this new show the other day, and really enjoyed it! The show is called Mental, it has a lot of elements from House (one of my favorite shows!). It follows the story of a psych ward as they get a new “head honcho”. Its fun, entertaining, but with some darker elements.

I look forward to catching more of this show!

May 212009

There is a new show coming out in the Fall on Fox that I’m very excited about! Its called Glee. It follows Will Scheuster as he tries to revive a High School Glee club despite the opposition from almost everyone else in the school. I’ve embedded the Pilot episode from Hulu. It should be available for another month… check it out! I will be writing reviews once the season actually starts.