Jun 122010

This week’s song of the week is one of those fun bar songs! It’s hilarious, and I can’t help but smile every time I hear it! It’s called “You Look Better When I’m Drunk” By the White Tie Affair.

Jun 092010

Lady Gaga has done it again, completely rocked a terrific song by reworking it, and creating a theatrical production. This time, it draws heavily from Madonna, and you can see flavors of it all the way through. I think it’s full of irony that she uses WW2-esque German uniforms for her dancers, considering some of the themes present in the video. My one criticism of Lady GaGa videos though is pretty standard: Girl, put some damn clothes on, it won’t hurt you. She loves making sure her crotch is prominently displayed in many scenes. Seriously, the rumors that you had a, well, not so girlie part down there, were debunked a long time ago. Stop trying to prove the point!!!

I did enjoy the artistic flare as usual… and the production quality was excellent! Check it out 🙂

One last thing… pay close attention to the two symbols being carried by the dancers in the marching scene. Let me know what you think they represent… I have some ideas but I’d love to hear yours.

Jun 052010

Because I am in just a weird mood, here is a weird song of the week! It’s “Stjerner” by Karpe Diem. It’s Norwegian, if you’re wondering. How did I figure this out? I looked up the lyrics, and Google Chrome let me know what language it was in 🙂 I love Google!

May 282010

I’ve totally got the magic in me! 🙂

Take a listen to this… B.O.B. may be one of the most interesting new rappers out there. In this case, he got Weezer involved, which is just a recipe for… well… no pun intended… magic! It’s called “Magic” by B.O.B.

May 012010

Every now and then I run across really neat videos on  youtube… and this is one of them 🙂 the fella greenscreened the performance, and overlayed several recorded tracks… kinda nifty, and very talented!

Apr 242010

This week… such a sleepy song… kinda like I am right now…

“By the Time” by Mika featuring Imogen Heap

Apr 212010


Man this is amazing… their rendition of Like a Prayer gives me chills! Wow. This is the album version, though I couldn’t find it on grooveshark, so you’ll have to suffer the youtube video that’s all audio.

Enjoy all of my gleeky friends!

Mar 252010

I’m totally digging this song. It’s one of those good relationship songs. You know, like not, ohhh I wanna have sex with you and 15 others. Or ohhh you are so sexy in this club that we should go to the bathroom. Its actually a love song. I appreciate artists who have the guts to put out songs like that these days, and make them sound good.

Granted, comparing love to a pyramid (which was a tomb built by countless slaves, or aliens), probably not the best of cultural references. But, if the writer were a real geek, then the geometric shape would make sense, since a pyramid is one of the most stable geometric forms.

Mar 192010

So in the same strain of completely strange and mildly creepy videos that I’ve somehow stumbled upon here lately, here is the newest one. Its a strange enough song as it is… but the video just makes me feel strange… and totally distrustful of aliens who look human.