May 162010

This week’s song of the week is upbeat. It’s by Hyper Crush. And its how life feels right now! Things are such a blur, Dad and I are continuing to accelerate our business, Magma Marketing Group. We should be on track for a mid-summer launch. We also signed our first client this week (in terms of actual invoice). So we both feel like we are preparing for take-off.

I also recently completed the latest edition of Ministerial Excellence Christian Academy’s yearbook, which I will post soon. Also gearing up for a much needed overhaul of their website.

Work has been crazy as well, so much change to keep up with. So, I feel like “Keep Up” by Hyper Crush is the perfect song for this general time! Its exciting!

Jun 052009

I watched this movie Friday night and it is quite the bizarre experience. It really captures the essence of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” in a very modern way. The music is very dreamy, and really the entire movie feels like a dream. The below clip is the flagship song and what the movie is titled after. I think it rocks personally!