About Me


Hello whoever-you-are! As I’m sure you’ve guessed, this site is someone’s blog. Moreover, it’s a place for me to record my projects, thoughts, interests, and random other things. I don’t particularly want to use this as one of those emo-rant-about-everything blogs where you want to kill yourself after you’re done reading it. So, you’ll find most of my posts have to do with projects, tv shows, news items, or random other things. If you were looking for a view deep into my soul, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

So, now that we have the boundaries set. Hi, I’m Joel. I’m a 23 year old Project Manager and System Administrator at a local engineering company. I live in Peoria, IL. I moved away from my hometown last year, and I miss it sorely.

I went to University High School, where I did a lot of musical things, was very involved in the choirs. My favorite teacher there was definitely Mrs. Corpus, the music teacher.

Upon Graduation, I went to Kettering University. I majored in Business, with a minor in Information Systems.

After that, I came home, and ended up getting a job at a contract company who contracted me with the said local engineering company. I subsequently survived every round of layoffs that came to the company, and thankfully still have a great job.

In my spare time I enjoy fiddling around with WordPress, working on random other projects, and just hanging out with my friends.

I hope you enjoy the site!

– Joel

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