Sep 092010

Couple of things to think about tonight on a religious/constitutional tone.

1) Why on earth is our country determined to give Al Qaeda an unlimited amount of recruiting tools? Burning sacred texts and protesting the building of Islamic religious centers (not just in New York City) seems to be a terrible way to convince the Islamic world that we are any less insane than Iran or the Taliban. These are quickly becoming national security issues.

2) I hope that church in Florida who is bound and determined to cause people to flock to the wrong side of the war in Afghanistan by burning Qurans is appreciative of the religious freedom which allows them to do so.

3) This is all just completely¬†ridiculous. For generations we have prided ourselves on our religious freedom and tolerance. How can we as a country justify feeling this way? I could understand feeling that way against an extremist terrorist branch who purports to make war on behalf of a religion. But against the religion itself? I’m sorry, but it’s just purely un-patriotic, and un-american. Our founding fathers would be ashamed. I am ashamed of our behavior right now.

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