Apr 062010

Well then. What a grand title! Anyways, a note of what I’ve been up to…

So I get a call from my mother during lunch today. It was a panicked “JOEL MY COMPUTER WONT START!!!” When inquiring further, apparently it claimed no operating system was installed. So, sounded to me like either the hard drive was corrupted or the boot sector / registry was corrupted. Either way, I would have to go fix it this evening. So, I hop in the car on the way home and make a bunch of phone calls to my parents, a potential client, a mentor, etc. I get home, and start gathering my equipment: my laptop, external hard drive converter, a vast array of cords, etc. While I was doing this, to my great surprise I heard a commotion outside my window. So I checked it out, and this dog was in the bushes with this lady screaming at it to “put that down”. I was a bit confused…

So after the dog and lady walk away I look out, and see a duck! So, I keep looking at it, and it looks scared to death… so I figure it just needs to be left alone for a bit, until I heard it start flapping, and I saw that it had flipped over onto its back and was flapping around. So I figured I’d help it out, and grabbed the broom. I headed outside, and saw it kind of in a weird position, and not moving. So I flip it over… and sure enough, the dog had taken a huge chunk out of its back and rear.

Thats when I heard the scream. My neighbor lady had just pulled in and let out this huge scream when she saw the dead duck. Sooo, I started talking to her, and went over what happened, I guess she heard something similar happen that morning with another duck. And then she started going on about how ducks mate for life, and she saw a male duck going back and forth very frantically, and how it must have been his mate, etc. Ok, so I managed to calm her down. At which point, we introduced ourselves, and talked about things ranging from the other neighbors, to her boyfriends mustang, and how neither of us could hear each other. This was particularly good news, because I’ve always been worried that people could hear me.

Well anyways, after this absorbed a good chunk of time, I decided to go ahead and call maintenance, who confirmed that it seems we have a duckocidal dog on the loose.

So went back inside, gathered my things, got the cat, and headed to Mackinaw. Yes, that’s Mackinaw, the small town between Pekin and Bloomington. My parents go to church there, my mother works there, and I spent most of my childhood there.

No sooner do I pass the city limits than my Dad calls and tells me that her computer magically started working again. So when I got there, we took a look… and she had been trying to boot from a non-bootable dvd. Great. However, it got us to thinking about backing up her stuff anyways. So, took the hard drive out, and hooked it up to my ancient giant of a laptop… and started the long process of backing 16 gigs of pictures and videos up.

At this point, I’m about 10% done… probably going to have to leave it overnight.

So from dead ducks to computer failures, this has certainly been an interesting night. Oh, and no dinner 🙁

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