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7 Signs He’s Not That Into You

Have you ever been in a dating situation where you really like the new guy you’ve been seeing, but something seems to be a bit off? Maybe he’s shy, or he works too much, or he wants to take things slowly. Or maybe, just maybe, he’s not that into you. Here are seven tell-tale signs that you should pick up and move on.

1. He’s not trying to see you.
If there is one thing guys have made clear, it’s that if they want to see you, they’ll find a way. If you find yourself doing most of the inviting and planning, maybe you should take a step back and figure out why. It could just be that he’s lazy and likes the fact that you’re planning everything (entirely different issue), but if you’re in the beginning of a relationship, it most likely means he’s not that into it. Quit making plans and see what happens.

2. You are doing too much for him without much in return.
If you do one or more of these things (note: they progressively get worse) every time you hang out, you may not be his dream girl, you may just be a replacement for his mother.
– Make him baked goods
– Make him dinner
– Give him rides to places
– Do his laundry
– Pay for his … well, anything

Sure, nice gestures like making him dinner are absolutely something you should do if you like him a lot, but if he’s not offering to do the dishes, it’s time to scrap the relationship altogether.

3. He only wants to see you for “you know what.”
This is pretty simple. If after one or two legitimate dates your subsequent relationship has consisted of calls,texts and hangouts past 9pm, you might want to question his intentions. Again, if a guy likes you he will want to learn more about you, before he gets to know you in the, ahem, biblical sense.

4. You haven’t been introduced to his friends.
No, it’s not that he wants to keep you all to himself. Be honest with yourself. When he likes you, he’s going to want to show you off and see what his friends think about you. By introducing you to his friends, who are presumably a big part of his life, it shows that he wants to include you in all aspects of his life.

5. He talks about his ex … a lot.
So this does not necessarily mean he could never be in to you, but for now, there is a mental block in the form of his heartless ex that is getting in the way of your becoming the next leading lady in his life. And while you like him and want to be supportive, don’t be tricked into thinking he’s madly in love with you when he broke up with someone else fewer than three months ago. You want a guy who is looking forward to his future with you, not someone who is lusting over his pathetic past.

6. He doesn’t remember important things about you.
This is a big one. If he really is in to you, he’ll make sure to remember the details. And I’m not talking your birthday; that is a requirement. Little things, like maybe you have a big presentation at work and he wishes you luck, or he tries listening to your favorite band after you’ve mentioned you like the music. Small gestures like these indicate he really values you and wants you to feel special.

7. You’re going out for burritos every night.
Wait, who doesn’t love some good Chipotle every once in a while? Key phrase: “Every once in a while.” Casual dinners are great; but at the beginning stages of a relationship, he should be putting in a little more effort to impress you. You can save the rice and beans for later on down the road.

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