Jan 122010

“There can be no freedom without both security and justice, I believe that … Europe’s policies have too often focused only on security and neglected justice.” – Viviane Reding, Justice Comissioner-designate for the EU.

This is a terrific quote. I think all too often, the west (not just Europe) has taken the stance of focusing on security, and ousting rights. In the US, the Patriot Act is a prime example of that. Even now, Obama is considering lifting the prohibitions of profiling to further secure our air traffic.

When will people realize that there is an inherent risk in everything we do? Why should we give up our freedoms, our protections, etc for further “security”? What is our freedom worth if we are profiled in air ports based on race, religion, gender, or any other number of factors which are currently prohibited?

I hope that Obama refuses to take this route.

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