Dec 282009

So, right now I have a relatively annoying sinus obstruction. That being said, earlier this evening I decided to go and purchase some products that would help with the said obstruction! So, tonight have turned into a relaxing, stuffy-nose relief evening.

First, I got some super strength decongestants. Which are amazing, but still only provided partial relief.

Second, I got some bubble bath. Yes, bubble ┬ábath. I’m not usually a bath person… I feel like it’s soaking in your own filth. However, when you aren’t trying to clean yourself, I see it just as relaxing as a hot tub.

So, I took the decongestant. Then I filled a bubble bath, and am now soaking pleasantly being able to finally breathe! You might wonder how I’m writing this. Well, the netbook is delicately balanced on the edge of the tub, and my hands are dry, courtesy of a towel laying next to the tub.

Add in some Norah Jones, and I’ve got myself a night! I think the only thing that would make it better would ┬ábe a glass of merlot. However, considering I am having difficulty with the sinuses, I don’t think that would be wise.

The one problem I ran into was my kitten, Riven. He decided he would jump up on the edge of the tub and take a look… well, he would have jumped right in if I had not picked him up and put him down on the floor.

So, that’s it, a relaxing night, despite the nasal obstruction.

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