Jun 212009

So, the yesterday I was perusing Hulu.com when I realized that there was a section entitled “Labs”. Being the curious bloke that I am, I clicked on the tab, and was taken to a page with a lot of different experimental options on it. One of which was Hulu Desktop.

Hulu Desktop TV, get it.

Hulu Desktop TV, get it.

The idea of Hulu outside of a web browser amused me, so I decided to download and install the thing. I was promptly sucked into a world of television on my computer which I was unaware could exist.

I quickly found some tv show to try it out on, and stumbled upon Arrested Development. Can we say.. amazing. How on earth did this show only last three seasons?  I’m totally addicted to the Bluth family.

Basically, the Bluths were a rich and powerful family who are suddenly investigated by the SEC for fraud. Their world comes tumblinb down and they are forced to try and live lives of little money. Its hilarious! It seems to be Michael Cera’s break-out role.

Anyways, download Hulu Desktop, and get started watching the 52 episodes that are on there. Its -amazing-.

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  1. I know you’ve been wanting to introduce this show to me, but I got distracted by some episodes of Star Trek TOS… 😉

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